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All of us strive for balance in our lives, one way or another.  When we’re in balance and functioning in harmony, we can move forward with our lives and cope with the obstacles as well as the joys we experience, productively and proactively.

Kelley’s Custom Creams is happy to offer our Personalized Kits, which contain products made specifically to help you reach and maintain balance.  These Kits are completely unique and personal to each individual, based on the date, time and place of birth.  This information allows us to create natal as well as progressed horoscopes, which in turn provide a picture of the individual not just as an individual entity, but as a part of the larger cosmos of which we are all part.

If you think this seems silly or impossible, think about this.  Using the horoscope as a basic diagnostic tool can help you reach potentials, deal with long term issues, and allow you to take personal control over your health and well  being on all levels.  Ayurvedic tradition is one which utilizes this concept, and is one of the oldest healing practices on earth; people don’t use something for centuries because it doesn’t work!  You don’t have to “believe” in astrology to the exclusion of all else, or leave your common sense at the door.  These Kits are intended to be a complementary part of your existing practices, and won’t interfere with other treatment modalities.  Each astrological sign has influence on specific parts of the body- Aries rules the head, for example, and headaches are a common event for Aries natives.  Virgo influences the hip area, including parts of the GI tract, and digestive matters are very often highlighted as a result.  This is just one very simple aspect, and actually is something quite easy to investigate on your own if you are curious. Ask your friends and you may learn some very interesting things.   Forewarned is forearmed, and if you can see headaches on the horizon, being able to deal  with them ahead of the curve is a good thing.  All the influences on one’s thought process, emotional makeup, physical being, attractions and repulsions represented in an astrological chart can be looked at and worked into remedies that can help support you in whatever your endeavor may be, and avoid some problems along the way.  

Some may think that Astrology is fantasy, hit or miss, perhaps even a scam of sorts.  It is, however, not fantasy at all.  The ancients tracked the stars, observing their movements and also the effects on earth of those movements.  This evolved into a body of knowledge, on the one hand, about how the planets influence individual life on earth.  An excellent book by Richard Tarnas, COSMOS AND PSYCHE, addresses on the other hand the larger, political and developmental influences of these planetary energies on societies.  As time has gone on, we have reached a place in scientific endeavor where particles and atoms are tracked and observed, Astrophysicists scan the deep sky, and the whole is implicit in the part.  This is much the same as the ancient astronomers tracking star paths and seeing a larger whole through them.  Contemporary physics is a study of light, which includes electric and magnetic energies.  This brings us to awareness of how all things are composed of energy, how they interact, what we can expect them to do.   Astrology studies the movement of the planets, which also emit electric and magnetic energies, and describes the results in terms of individual experience and potential instead of in equations and descriptions of material states.  The magnetic disarray that occurs on Earth when, say, Mercury is retrograde is something we’re probably all at least a little familiar with.  This disarray pulls things in unusual directions and generally it is a good time to slow down and pay attention.  If, then, for example, in your natal chart, Mercury is retrograde, you can see that paying attention is going to be a key item in your arsenal for life.  In a progressed chart, which shows where things are now, the same heads up can be gleaned, and aid the individual accordingly.  Gardening by lunar cycle is another simple example of using the physical impact of the planetary energies.

SInce astrology gives us each a personalized picture of how, then, these actual elements of electricity and magnetism affect us through their manifestations in space and time, we can use this information to strengthen and balance ourselves.  We can capitalize on strengths, avoid potential pitfalls, and even anticipate health developments.   A distant force such as a planet is part of the entire order, just as we are.  There are interactions between these parts, and this means that astrology can be diagnostically helpful because it does, in fact, deal with elemental physical principles.  Older societies had different paradigms, we might say, than ours, and expressed their solutions for these paradigms accordingly.  Just because astrology is from the past does not mean it cannot be extraordinarily helpful to us now- it is a question of learning the language.

Flower essences, botanicals and energetic remedies deal with this very same electromagnetic system in powerful and elegant ways.  Plants harness this universal energy, and create elements from it that can be of invaluable help.  A supernova and a seed do much the same thing, and it is up to us to observe and learn what we need to from each.   The plants work for us over time, through cycles, and through changing needs.

 A set of remedies containing an array of these helpers and based upon your own unique, no place else in the world, set of personal variables can be of immense assistance, not just in maintaining basic physical health, but in keeping mental and emotional balance.  We are all one, but one size does not fit all!  The Kits contain a selected hand made variety of remedies, made from botanical and energetic ingredients that address needs for seasonal as well as inherent balance.  Each kit  is individually created, based on information provided by the horoscope, as well as on individual concerns.  Each Kit will be completely different, and contain items relevant to the individual.  The possibilities are endless, of course:  Flower essences, body lotions, specific condition remedies, essential oil preparations for diffusion or other purposes, sprays, splashes, bedtime applications.  For example, a Kit may contain a bath mixture for one person who enjoys baths, and a room spray for another person who does not.  If individual flower essences are indicated, a dosage bottle will be included, as will topical preparations- for example, if wound healing is an issue, that will have a specific remedy.  Instructions for all uses are included.  Personalized creams are just one part of these Kits!

 Each Kit contains three separate, all organic, personalized products, made exclusively for you, based on your unique self and needs.   Highlights of your astrological chart will be included, as well as a printout of the chart.  The cost per kit is $200.00 (shipping included), and turn around time is ten to fourteen days.