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Choosing Your Product
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Our products are very different from anything else you've ever used.  Not only are they completely organic, they are all hand made from proprietary recipes developed over several years.  They work on the body's energetic system as well as on a physical level through the botanical ingredients, and the synergy is something you just have to experience!
If you don't know whether a cream would be appropriate, you can always email us with questions.  Another option is to order the two or three cream selection, and let me intuitively select them based on what you tell me you want and need.  This is a good way to try several items at a discount, and to get things like a graduated set of creams to cover a broad spectrum of requirements.
The various consultations I offer are also important tools for healing and self knowledge, and whatever the nature of the challenge or joy you are facing, can provide a great deal of insight and support.  This is the way to get a completely unique and customized cream or remedy, just for you!  I have worked with almost every physical ailment, life crisis, and skin care need you can think of, as well as providing flower essence treatments for animals (from donkeys to parrots) and plants (entire gardens, single trees, surrounding land).  This is a safe and effective way to approach many things, and while it  does not substitute for qualified medical advice in a health care matter, it can be a very helpful adjunct.  Healing and balance come from many sources, and always begin with you.