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Here's what our customers are saying...
I rec'd the rosacea oil yesterday. Thank you! Two people in the last week mentioned how much lighter and good my nose and skin look. You'll laugh but I carry around a copy of your Bone Spur Cream ingredients . I gave it to my new nurse practitioner at our Health Center. I've been singing accolades about you, your products and website to lots of people
Thanks, Kelley – Paypal would be great. I’ve had such success with the shingles cream you made that I’ve hardly needed to use it. Every time I feel a twinge I use it and it seems to interrupt the progress before it can really settle in.  I’m so grateful to you for it. I’m even starting to (slowly) wean myself off the twice a day shingles meds.
LB, Wash DC
Thanks Kelley you have been a God send~!
JC, Oregon

Just wanted to let you know that I Love my creams and I will be buying various concoctions forever! The bike wreck seems to be really helping-less pain and
swelling which is of course a huge relief. Thank you!
I can't wait to hear of some of the other things you are creating:) I love the
moss and star essences..Sincerely,  LK, AB Can

I was diagnosed by two dermatologists as having a moderate to severe case of Rosacea. I tried Metrogel. Nothing. Several other prescribed topicals and nothing. The oral antibiotics I tried made me sick and/or dizzy no matter how "Low and mild"  they were supposed to be. It was pretty frustrating. I finally started pulsed light therapy which works well but is expensive and I can only afford to get a couple of times a year. Then I met Kelley Rico. We talked about her oils and my skin condition and I bought a vial to try thinking it couldn’t hurt. I used it every night. After 2-3 months I noticed the redness decreasing. I love that it's natural. I put one drop on my forehead and one on each cheeks and rub it in every night before I go to bed and that's it!  I’ve recently been complimented on my “great skin”, and as you fellow Rosacea sufferers know, you usually don’t get those kinds of compliments when you have Rosacea. It's a great, easy, natural maintenance that takes seconds. No more antibiotics! It's not a magic bullet, but over time I've noticed my skin is smoother and more even toned. It really helps maintain my skin between pulsed light treatments. I would recommend anyone to try it for a couple of months. I like the fact that it's a natural oil and not a prescription. In my opinion, it works better than any prescribed topical cream I’ve tried.
--Maria, Oakland CA
Our family is very grateful that Kelley’s healing powers came into my brothers life.  M.J. is disabled and in a year-long recovery from a fall that kept him mostly bedridden for about 10 months.  When I moved him close to me 6 months ago, he had little leg strength, clots had formed, and the skin on his
legs was dry, blotchy, and limp. The first step to getting back on his feet was to improve his leg circulation.  Kelley created this cream just for M.J. (he loved that!) which has been smoothed onto his legs almost every day for five months.  After M.J. improved some he allowed Kelley to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I admit I was skeptical because I hadn’t heard of it before I met Kelley.  So I booked a treatment for myself and was surprised how such small touches generated energy warmth and movement in my body.  I know that I felt refreshed and calm.  M.J. likes it too.  The real measure is in the actual progress M.J. has made. 
Now sure, he has had other medical incidents and traditional treatments during this period.  But Kelley’s cream was the only treatment specifically targeted to his leg vitality and the first effects to the skin were obvious within a week or so.  The nursing staff and his doctor noticed it as well.  Over the months the normal color has returned, the circulation has improved, and I am so joyful that he has experienced  lovingly created and applied treatments, that weren’t invasive, and even through his disabilities he can see and feel his improvement.  Thank you Kelley.
--Mel, Alameda, CA
Thank you so much! Your Tendonitis cream cured my trigger finger!
--LR, Northern CA 
All is well! I've been skiing several times: your cream works! (Pain and Injury Cream; used on injury to Patella)
--WJ, Northern CA
 Have used every imaginable hand cream for my dry, cracked, bleeding, Arizona hands, even went to a dermatologist and received a prescription.
Note, nothing worked UNTIL I finally found Loving Touch.
Used to need Simply Sleep for assistance, note, that is in the past for now I use Kelley's Sleep cream. It's amazing to feel rested now upon awakening.
Endured a total rotator cuff injury/surgery. Prescription
anti-inflammatory were no longer easing the pain resulting from over usage, note, Kelley's Pain and Injury cream has eradicated the pain.

I cannot say enough times.............. I LOVE THESE CREAMS !!!
And to find products that work and don't have any of the ill ingredients put into all our products that are out there........that's the icing on the cake.
--SP, Arizona 
Been meaning to tell you about the "remedies" cream (Healing and Clearing Cream). Had a couple of "funny" spots on one finger. One spot was kinda pimply.  Put the remedy on a couple of nights and lo and behold the spots were gone.  Another testimonial.
--BB, Duluth MN
Just thought I would share with you a comment I got from a friend who has tried out some of Kelley's joint pain cream.  This friend thinks she might be on her way to some kind of polyarthritis--whenever she does any physical activity she feels pain all over her body for a day or two afterwards.  I gave her a jar of Kelley's cream, and she told me that she rubbed it all over her aching body and went to bed.  The next day the only part of her body that hurt was her back--which she hadn't able to cream up.
--LM, Switzerland
I gave my mother your Pain and Injury cream for her continuing nerve related pain in hands and feet.   She is in her eighties and disabled with emphysema, and was very excited about the relief your cream provided to her.  She is now putting it "everywhere it hurts".
--BR, Manhattan NY 
(Re. Pain and Injury Cream) It is one of the few products of its kind that has done what I call 'held its charge' over time.The other thing I love about it is that I find myself using it on instinct and not always when I feel I need it for pain.  There is something in it that speaks to me on so many more levels than the physical. 
--TM, Maryland
Two thumbs up! I slathered it on right away and in a couple of days my rash was substantially improved! I can feel how it works on the whole body. (Clearing and Healing Cream) 
--AS, Canada 
These were wonderful.  The tendonitis cream fixed my knee right away, and the ganglion cream made the painful bump on the back of my foot stop hurting by day's end, and the swelling went away within four days.  Usually the swelling stays in place even when the pain is gone!
--N.W., Alameda, CA
And, from two animal clients using flower essences:
A cat having adjustment difficulties with a new kitten:  "The cat drops were a splendid success!  Everything is back to normal"  -MD, California
A dog with chronic whining and touch averse:  "Your drops 'kick ass'!  (Dog) has stopped whining and asks for belly rubs now!"  -SP, Arizona